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Imagine it.

See it.

Create it.

Let love in & your dreams will radiate outward

Everything is possible. The key to unleashing your dreams is already in you.


Create What You Desire


There is an untapped power inside you that you can access through self-love.

By tapping into it, you stop holding yourself back and start living your dreams.
Stop being afraid and start creating what you want.
Stop feeling ill and start being healthy.
Stop stressing and start doing.
Stop feeling lonely and start feeling loved.

Amazing things happen when you love and accept yourself for who you are.

Take Your Power Back


My name is Viktoria Seavey, and I am an Intuitive Spark Coach. I help people unleash their dreams by showing them how to reconnect with the untapped power of self-love and use it to take charge of their own destinies.

New experiences await you. Start using the key that unlocks the way by letting go of your fear and, instead, loving more.

Allow me to be your guide to help you unlock your untapped power.

“After divorce and cancer I knew I needed to focus on regaining my health. I am fortunate to have Viktoria for guidance and support. My attitude started shifting from my first session with her. She helped me to listen to what my body was telling me and spend my energy on nurturing myself. My entire being (physical, mental and spiritual) has benefited from her confidence in me. Her knowledge and gentle suggestions are powerful guidelines back to a better way of living.”

Susan Sultan


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